Financial support and assistance in solutions for
democratic digitalisation and digital rights and commons
Financial support and assistance in solutions for democratic digitalisation and digital rights and commons

// About the call

The application process to the 4D Call is intentionally quick and easy to encourage participation from anyone who has a project they think might be eligible. If the project has possibilities, we will proceed to a detailed interview. In any case, we guarantee a response to each request received.


The goal of the 4D Digital Rights by Design Call is to provide support for the developments or initiatives focused on action in terms of digital commons and rights, such as:

Technological developments
Response protocols to change institutional and/or general habits
Strategic litigation
Legislative amendments and incidence
Surprise us with other types of solutions we cannot imagine

The central idea is to intervene so that digitization is democratic and/or digital rights are applied systemically (possibility of scaling with wide impact), by design and by default, in the public and/or private sphere. We’re looking for technologies, actions and/or action protocols, beyond theoretical research or reports.


The 4D Call offers two financial provisions of 15000 euros (*), plus 30h of support (**) to implement projects by European entities, consortia or individuals, whether either already running or already partially funded.

_30h of support
_For entities, consortia or individuals in Europe.

90% will be issued at the time of public presentation (October 2024) and the remaining 10% at the time of agreed completion with the recipient individual/entity.

All projects must include licenses which are not strict copyright. Priority will be given to those projects that use freeware and free licences. The use of more restrictive licences is accepted but requires justification.

* Taxation on this provision will depend on the legal status of the awarded proposal

** Access to social and business networking in our area; juridical and legal advice; communication and marketing; etc.


until 28 June

_Call open until 28 June 2024

_Results of first screening: 10 July 2024

_Interviews from first screening: July 2024

Availability to present the project on 9 October 2024 is required.

Complete the form in order to participate


We promote this call:

The puntCAT Foundation was founded as a result of a private initiative of the Catalan-speaking community to manage the .cat domain. The domain was approved in 2005 by the per la Corporació d'Internet per a l'Assignació de Nombres i Números (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - ICANN). Thanks to the initiative of the Foundation as the first cultural community to obtain its own domain, the doors were opened to all the others. The Foundation works on defending cultural rights and quality internet for Catalan-speaking citizens in digital society.


Xnet is a network of specialists and activists that proposes advanced solutions in different fields related to democratic digitalisation, digital rights, and updating democracy to the 21st century, such as privacy, the use of data, AI and net neutrality; freedom of expression and information vs fake news, propaganda and disinformation; the defence of whistleblowers, leaks and anti-corruption; technopolitics and advocacy, updating democracy with the political R&D method, transparency and participation; free culture.

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The registration deadline for the 2024 edition will close on 06/28/2024
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